Retroactively Create Separate Hatches

Say you've hatched a bunch of objects, and only afterwards realized that you meant to have the "create separate hatches" option checked. Is your only choice now to delete them and start over? Nope -- this option can be applied retroactively through the Hatch Edit command. Simply double-click on the hatch, check the "create separate hatches" option, and click OK. All hatch "islands", whether defined by "pick points" or "select objects", will become separate entities ready to be further edited at will.


Abhishek said...

Thanks, Great help. Now, if I have to provide different patterns to different entities of the hatche. Can it be done?
Abhishek Roy
Pinnacle Infotech Inc.

Kate M said...

Sure, once they've been turned into separate entities you can modify them however you like, without affecting any other hatches.