Quickly Create AutoCAD Table from Excel Data

If you already have a table or schedule in Excel, you can quickly convert it to an AutoCAD table. Simply open Excel, select the cells you want, and Ctrl+C. Switch to AutoCAD, go to Edit-->Paste Special, and select “AutoCAD Entities”. Voila – there’s your table. Now, it may not look exactly the way you want it to. Select the table, right-click, and choose “remove property overrides” to get it to match a defined table style. The column and row sizes may still be off, but it’s a lot quicker to grip-edit them to the right size than it would have been to re-create the table!


Mark DeMint said...

I have one problem with this. In AutoCAD 2007 the property overrides seemed to work better than in 2008. I have a table style that I set up (created in LDT07). When I paste an AutoCAD entity from excel, random cells have different text sizes than the rest of my table. I've checked my excel sheet and all the cells have the same text height. Also from switching from AutoCAD 2007 to 2008 somehow the column widths get all screwed up in my table style. Remove property overrides does not fix it, either. Have you noticed the difference in functionality of the table styles in 2008?

Mark DeMint said...

Disregard my comment above. Once you install SP2 it will fix the text height problem. Modify column widths in excel to fix the width problem. Tables are good again!