RSS Feed Fixed -- I think

I hadn't realized that my RSS feed broke after I switched to FeedBurner -- I didn't quite understand the difference between all the different URLs on their site. However, I think it's back up and running now, although you still may need to re-subscribe. (Maybe -- like I said, I'm not entirely sure how these things work.) I had time to fix it courtesy of Montgomery County -- I had to report for jury service today, although so far I haven't done anything except wait in the juror lounge. If lawyers weren't so picky, they wouldn't need to call 300 people just to get 50 jurors. Oh, well, it's a change of pace and it'll be back to work tomorrow!


RobiNZ said...

Hi Kate, I'm using your blogspot feed and it's working fine!

Brian Benton said...

Kate, what is the url for your feed? You have great tips and I want to put you in my RSS reader. Well, not you, but your feed, anyway, you know what I mean.


Kate M said...

Brian, you should be able to click the RSS icon in the url line and subscribe that way. If that doesn't work, I believe you can use http://feeds.feedburner.com/katescadtips.