Rename named objects

You can change the name of “named objects” (such as layers, blocks, linetypes, etc.) with the RENAME command. It brings up a dialog listing the object category on the left, the specific object types on the right, and two fields at the bottom for the old and new name. After you select an instance to rename (wildcards such as * work to select multiple instances) and have entered in the new name, you have two options. Clicking “rename to” applies the change to the selected objects and leaves the dialog box open for more selections. Clicking “OK” applies the change and exits the command. (I’m not sure why they didn’t just have an “apply” button like most other dialogs of this nature.) This tool should be used with care, since most of the objects here are usually defined in accordance with company standards & shouldn’t be modified, but it’s nevertheless a useful command to know.

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shashank_sherkar@rediffmail.com said...

Kate, this was quite good. I am using AutoCAD since version 12 (DOS and WIN3.1)in India. Since I also do a lot of programming using AutoCAD as an ActiveX object, I could send you some interesting stuff mostly about Layer Manager, Exporting Layers from one drawing to another etc. if you wish.