LT blogs in the spotlight

Since Erik and Shaan have been nice enough to mention my blog on theirs, I figured I'd return the favor. (Of course, chances are you got here by visiting one of their blogs, but whatever.) :-) The LT Side of Things is Erik's new blog, dedicated to helping people get the most out of LT. Sounds like he may be focusing more on the customizing tips & tricks (yes, you CAN customize LT), where I tend to stick to out-of-the-box stuff. And of course, Between the Lines is Shaan's place for Autodesk/AutocCAD news, tips, and much more entertaining reading.


Robin Capper said...

Hi Kate, Had posted about Shaan's LT Blog post so updated it to include yours. I'm a former LT user now on AutoCAD Architecture. Thanks for the great tips, many of which I can use in AutoCAD Architecture :-)


Melanie (Stone) Perry said...

Hey, did you know this month's AutoCAD Community user 'Tip of the Month' is about AutoCAD LT?

Yay! A tip to Auto-increment text using DIESEL (personally, I use lsp for this in full AutoCAD, nice to know it's available to LT users in some form!).

And, thanks to you LT bloggers, there is an update on the links page listing them as resources.
Yay again! I love more LT resources!
(and, I won't take credit for this one, my husband actually added them in for me. what a guy, eh?)

Loving the tips so far!