Drag & Drop from Explorer

You can drag-and-drop files from Windows Explorer directly into AutoCAD. Dragging with the left mouse button inserts the dragged file as a block into the current drawing. Using the right button to drag brings up a shortcut menu for inserting, opening, or creating an xref. (If there are no drawings open, left- or right-dragging opens the file.)


R.K. McSwain said...

Drag and drop the file onto the title bar of AutoCAD and the file will open, regardless of whether there are drawings currently open or not.

Anonymous said...

Additionally, pressing Ctrl key while left click dragging will open the drawing in AutoCAD irrespective of the existance of any opened drawing.


Tracy Lincoln said...

Actually, Drag & Drop the file(s) onto the titlebar of AutoCAD or any other area than the editing window (Toolbars, dead grey area, status bar, etc...).

Note: When you are over an area that will OPEN the file you will see a [+] on the cursor, where an INSERT will show a rectangle.

I didn't realize that the Right button Drag & Drop also allows one to Create a Hyperlink quickly.