Follow-up: Trim Hatches

After I posted about trimming hatches, terbgrave asked, "Why does this only work some of the time when you are trying to trim solid hatches? and it works sometimes when you pick in the perfect spot but nowhere else on the hatch?" I agree, solid hatches can be a bit temperamental when you try to select them. My best guess would be that it's because solid hatches don't have "lines" or "points" the way other patterns do. You may have to be a little patient & hover your cursor over different spots until you get the hatch, but it will eventually show up. I also just received a comment asking about this feature in previous versions of AutoCAD, but I believe it wasn't introduced until LT 2007.

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JTB World said...

Something that often helps is to imagine a line going from one corner to another and pick there. For example if you have a rectangular solid hatch there is one such invisible line going on the diagonal between two of the corners but not between the two.

If you make sure the hatch is brought to the front you can easier hit the boundary as well.