Customize Places List

When you open a file from AutoCAD, there’s a blue bar along the left, known as the Places list, with icons for My Documents, Favorites, FTP, etc. You probably see it every day. But did you know you can customize those shortcuts? Simply select the folder in the explorer view, left-click, and drag it over to the Places list. Alternatively, right-click in the Places list and select “Add current folder.” You can rename the new shortcut by right-clicking on it and selecting Properties. If you don’t like your changes, right-click on the icon and select Remove, or “Restore Standard Folders” to put it back to normal. This doesn’t affect any other programs – actually it doesn’t appear to work at all in any other programs, which is too bad. If you know of an exception, send it on in.

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Melanie (Stone) Perry said...

For modifying that list elsewhere, I use Windows Powertools -> Tweak UI
You can modify quite a few things with that, including which folders display there. :-)